What I Did

My experience and knowledge in IT systems and services offered me the opportunity to work and help companies in many solutions during these years. After I came to Spain I dedicate to offer IT services to small companies and particulars in Spain and abroad. Now most of my IT services are online/remote with clients from Barcelona and worldwide.

The main IT services offered are: Windows Servers Administration, User Desktop Support, VoIP Servers Administration, Video Surveillance, IT Consulting, Bitcoin Consulting.

serversIT Services for companies:

  • Installation & configuration for Windows Servers (Standard & SBS), DNS, AD, MS Exchange email servers, domain maintenance, web
    servers, database servers, security policies, File servers, NAS.
  • WordPress Servers & Webs – install / setup / design / configure / maintain
  • Workstations support – remote or on site, networking, printers
  • User / Systems support, remote & phone support 24h, Personalized user computer profiles, Basic PC & applications training
  • IT Consulting & IT Solutions: Projecting network and systems & applications infrastructure, support for buying / negotiate with providers
  • VoIP Systems Maintenance: VoIP PBX systems installation/ configuration, VoIP providers relationship, Usage reports, support for users
  • Bitcoin integration with existing systems and company usage

TeamViewer Remote Support Tool - click to downloadTechnical Services for home users:

  • PC Technical Support, computer repairs on site or remote
  • Virus, Trojan, Spyware removal
  • Full reinstall OS, apps and drivers
  • Technical Consulting
  • Web Sites: Design, Server setup, Domain & Hosting
  • FREE Diagnostic
  • TeamViewer Remote Support Tool – click here to download and run
  • Bitcoin learning and integration into webs and systems


My previous projects / portfolios

Project – ROMTELECOM: New IT infrastructure

  • Year 2001 – implementing phase – 2 monthsCipix - Romtelecom - Sysware project 2001
  • Client: ROMTELECOM
  • Supplier: SYSWARE Romania
  • Location: Romania, Bucharest and other 40 cities
  • Position: Project management, Technical support & installation

Description of the project:

ROMTELECOM is a company in full swing on the Romanian communications market. Romtelecom offers reliable, innovative and easy-to-use services, from the traditional fixed telephony to high quality Internet, digital TV, to the most secure hosting data centre in Romania, voice and data bundled services and a permanently supervised and improved Customer Care program. At that time Romtelecom was a company in changes that was expanding and their IT department was contracting Sysware Romania to implement this project. This was a big project, involving a lot of resources, to implement a new IT infrastructure for invoicing system of ROMTELECOM. My position in the project was from the beginning until to end: design the solution, select the products, configure the systems, install on site and after sale support. The goal was to install and configure 3.000 PC and 40 servers in 40 locations in a short time – 2 weeks. Deliver, install, configure – everything with 3 teams (6 technical engineers, including me). Was amazing project! Fast, scheduled, prepared and professional.

Project – ROMATSA: IBM Cluster Database Server

  • Year 2002 – implementing phase – 1 monthCipix - Romatsa - Sysware project 2002
  • Client: ROMTASA
  • Supplier: SYSWARE Romania
  • Location: Romania, Bucharest
  • Position: Technical support & installation

Description of the project:

ROMATSA R.A. provides the control and the unitary development of the air traffic control activity for the aircraft belonging to both the users and the operators, it promotes the harmonization and the integration with the European specialized system (EUROCONTROL). The joined concern of ROMATSA and the Ministry of National Defense provides the coordinated use of the Romanian airspace by both civil and military aviation.

In this new challenged environment I was participating in a project dedicated to optimize and upgrade the IT infrastructure of ROMATSA The project contained delivering and install IBM products – new powerful computers with specialized professional monitors for training users and a dedicated IBM Cluster Database Server. I was involved in this project in the technical position, for installing and configuring the computers and servers. For me was a great opportunity to make an IT solution with IBM servers and SYSWARE knowledge. Also was helping me to achieve more experience and value. Working with IBM Servers is a wonderful experience!

Project – BCR: SAP Enterprise Portal

  • Year 2003 – implementing phase – 1 yearCipix - BCR - Softwin project 2003
  • Client: BCR – Banca Comerciala Romana
  • Supplier: SOFTWIN
  • Location: Romania, Bucharest
  • Position: Product Manager & Technical consulting

Description of the project:

BCR – Banca Comerciala Romana is the major bank in Romania providing the best financial services. The project was starting in 2003 until 2004 and for me was the first project like Product Manager of SAP Portals with SOFTWIN.

My mission was quite difficult because I was coming from a technical field directly to marketing and project management tasks. But at the end my knowledges and experience was very useful in the implementation phase. The solution based on SAP Enterprise Portals, was starting from a web page for the bank and ending to a wonderful Web Application Portal, linked to internal bank applications and offering to the customers the best solution and services. For me was a great opportunity to open my mind to use my knowledge and experience in IT consulting and services. With a good technical background and capability to listen all the requests from clients, I started to create and design the best IT solutions for companies.

Project – WAYTOSTAY: New IT infrastructure

Description of the project:

Waytostay.com – Short Stay Apartment Rentals – the best Holiday apartments for your citybreak, business trip short term rental apartments or vacation rentals for your holiday with family and kids, in most popular European cities.

Starting with 2005, when their business starting to grow fast, I start working with Waytostay, offering my professional IT services to obtain the best solution for their small office with possibilities to grow to a medium office. I realized that with Waytostay I can use at maximum my previous experience in building IT infrastructures because they are open mind to new and ready to use any solution that help in their activity.

The solution was based on MS Windows SBS 2008 Server for 25 users (starting with 5 users and continuing until 50 users in present), with good network and office equipment (DELL servers and PCs) that is providing centralized access to the company data (documents, pictures, knowledge, content for website) – through QNAP NAS system, emails, communications, knowledge base. The communication part of the project is based on a VoIP PBX solution, using 3CX PBX like a gateway server, providing incoming and outgoing calls through dedicated internet connection, with more than 25 incoming lines and 35 extensions.

In 2012 I participated also in the implementing of the new company website www.waytostay.com, with specific tasks for building the backend system, CMS and servers setup.

Project – M&C Fresh Mediterranean Supplier: New IT infrastructure

Description of the project:

M&C Mediterranean Fresh Suppliers is a logistic company located in Barcelona, a strategic location from which serve the Mediterranean basin with fresh fruits and vegetables, fresh flowers, fresh fish and dairy products. We are the reliable partner of national and international cruise line companies, yachts and cargo vessels.

In 2007 I was contacted by general manager of the company to help in the building of new IT infrastructure. We start with few technical services and starting with 2008 we implement the new IT system based on Microsoft Windows SBS Server, 3CX VoIP PBX. The system was designed to serve the internal and external communication based on Windows Server AD, domain, web, Exchange Email Server, DB Server, File Server and 3CX VoIP Server. Later in 2012 the infrastructure was upgraded with a QNAP NAS Storage Server for more reliable solution for file sharing and backups of company data.

UPDATE 2016: The IT infrastructure was updated with an cluster server for Domain & Exchange servers, failover balancing, backup and database server. New servers, powerful and reliable.

Project – Hotel Ciudadela Parc: New IT infrastructure

Description of the project:

Hotel La Ciudadela is a family hotel where you will feel like at home in center of Barcelona. Open in 2006 and expanded in 2010, all rooms are reformed and well equipped with all necessary to feel comfortable.

I start the collaboration with Hotel Ciudadela Parc from 2005, offering computer services. But in 2012 the company decided to upgrade their IT infrastructure with new computers, servers and also new software solution for hotel and restaurant. Then I start to implement the new solution based on Windows Server: Domain & AD server, SQL Server, Exchange Email Server, SQL DB Server, File sharing server. Also I participated actively into implementing the new software app for resources management of restaurant & hotel (stock management, sales management, purchasing management, HR management, booking reservation system).

Later in 2013 I start to build the new company website www.ciudadelaparc.com that is my 99% work in design, setup, maintain. This was my first time project for web design with full implementation. I learned myself how to use WordPress like a web platform, discovering that is a simple and easy to use platform to build new websites and blogs.

Project – Restaurant El Avion: New IT infrastructure & Webshop with Bitcoin

  • Year 2017 – 2019 (continued upgrade)
  • Suppliers: Microsoft and me
  • Location: Spain, Barcelona
  • Position: IT Systems Administrator, Technical support & installation, webdesign

Description of the project:

Restaurant El Avion is a family restaurant in Castelldefels, the fourth generation of the Lladró family continues enthusiastically to the front of the restaurant, with the same love for cooking as then. And taking the advantage of the freshness of El Prat, the vineyards of Penedes and the Mediterranean, we try to make the most of each product..

I start the collaboration with restaurant El Avion from 2017, offering computer services. In 2018 the company decided to upgrade all their restaurant and IT infrastructure with new computers, servers and also new software solution for hotel and restaurant. Then I start to implement the new solution based on Windows Server: Domain & AD server, SQL Server, Exchange Email Server, SQL DB Server, File sharing server. Also I participated actively into implementing the new software app for resources management of restaurant.

In the same time I start to build the new company website www.elavioncastelldefels.com that is my 100% work in design, setup, maintain. This was a new challenge for my skills, to be able also to implement an online payment system with Bitcoin. Nowadays Restaurant El Avion is taking online orders on their dedicated page and you can pay with Bitcoin.

WEB Sites Projects:

2013 – Alojamiento Pirineoswww.alojamientopirineos.com  (domain cancelled) A small company that offer holiday accommodation in their 6 apartments located in the same building in Broto, near to National Park Ordesa, in the middle of beautiful Pyrenees mountains of Aragon, Spain

2013 – ESO en Brotowww.esoenbroto.org (domain cancelled) – An organization website for protesting against closure of the local college in Broto (Huesca)

2013 – Ciudadela Parc Hotel Restaurantwww.ciudadelaparc.com – A family hotel and restaurant business in Barcelona, near to Park Ciudadela

2014 – El Taillon Restaurantwww.taillon.es  (domain cancelled)  – Nice place to eat with beautiful sights to Ordesa National Park in Pyrenees

2015 – Mala Raza – www.malaraza.net – Spanish Rock Band

2015 – Café Bar Mondarruegowww.cafemondarruego.es  (domain cancelled) – Another place to eat with beautiful sights to Ordesa National Park in Pyrenees

2018 – Restaurante El Avionwww.elavioncastelldefels.com  – The best place to eat paellas and mediteraneean cousine, in Castelldefels, near Barcelona. Bitcoin accepted.

2019 – Restaurante Ciudadelahttpss://restaurante.ciudadelaparc.com  – Separation of the web for restaurant Ciudadela from the main site, to offer a separate identity