Books to read Audio / Video Files Links/Other documents
Natural Law by Mark Passio (ES) Bitchute – Natural Law Channel Bula Papal 1302 – UANM SANCTAM ECCLESIAM
Strawman Story by Clint Richardson (EN) Natural Law – Mark Passio 6h Seminar Bula Papal 1455 – ROMANUN PONTIFEX
The Runaway Contract (ES) In Courts – by Bill Thornton: Bula Papal 1481 – AETENIS REGIS
Your Strawman (EN) Audio 1Audio 2Audio 3 Bula Papal 1537 – CONCILIO DE TRENTO
Redemption Manual v.4.5 – A must read Audio 4Audio 5Audio 6 UCC Universal Commerce Code
Common Law Courts – Antonin Scalia Audio 7Audio 8Audio 9 Black’s Law Dictionary 5th Ed.
Cracking The Code 3rd Ed. Audio 10Audio 11Audio 12 Crown Copyright in the information age (ES)
What is “Identity” as we now use the word Audio 13Audio 14Audio 15 Guide for Embassies in Spain (ES)
Without Prejudice – Study Guide How to defeat your strawman Natural Law in The UDHR
Copyright Your Name – Ken Evans Common Law – Bill Thornton: The UCC Connection – Freedom School
The Debt Resistors – Operations Manual Audio 1  –  Audio 2 –  Audio 3 Educacion Libre y Soberana (ES)
Handbook of Admiralty Law – R.M. Hughes Bill Thornton Video Playlist DUNS SPAIN STATE
How Jewish Law became English Law Lawful Rebelion – Rob Menard DUNS Spanish NATIONAL POLICE
Mary Elizabeth: Croft – ebook   Bill Thornton Web – Law Documentation
Creature from Jekyll Island – G.E. Griffin   Copyright-Name – Redeem your name with UCC
The Extortion SYSTEM – Rob Hay   TPUC Lawful Rebellion
    Common Law Courts UK
    Sovereignty and Freedom Web
    Commerce Game Exposed – Freedom School
    Redemption Manual – Freedom School – lot of info
    STOP The Pirates
    Anna von Reitz – Documents