Natural Law is a set of universal, inherent, objective, non-man-made, eternal and immutable conditions, that govern the consequence of behavior of beings with the capacity for understanding the differences between harmful and non-harmful action. This law of nature applies to all things objectively and exists independent of human understanding. It is known under several different terms: The Law of Cause and Effect [“Effect invariably follows cause” – “For every action, there exists an equal and opposing eaction”]; the Law of Attraction [“The energy you emit is the energy you attract” – “Energy glows where attention goes” – “As you think, feel and act – so you shall be”]; Karma or Moral Law [“You reap what you sow”]; or the Golden Rule [“Do unto others as you would have done to yourself”].

According to this theory, an action is Right, when it is based in truth and in harmony with Natural Law, this action does not result in harm to other sentient beings. Contrarily, any action is Wrong, when it is not based in truth and in opposition to Natural Law, thus, this action does result in harm to other sentient beings.

Natural Law is derived through apophasis, a method of logical reasoning employed when given a limited set of possibilities, in order to arrive at knowledge by way of the exclusion of known negatives. It is describing what something is based on, by what it is not. When eliminating the impossible, the remains, regardless how improbable, must be the truth. Natural Law is thus affirmation through negation.

Any form of initiation of violence is aggression against other sovereign individuals, and also a violation of their Natural Right to property.

  • Murder is theft of another’s life.
  • Assault is theft of another’s physical wellbeing.
  • Rape is theft of another’s sexual consent.
  • Trespassing is theft of another’s home and land.
  • Coercion is theft of another’s Free Will.
  • Lying is theft of another’s ability to understand the truth.
  • Theft is taking another’s property in goods without his consent.

Taking something which does not belong to you is always a wrong and immoral act. The initiation of violence is never justifiable. The one single rule of Natural Law is thus: “Do not break Private Property.” Any action that does not harm property, is thus rightful and in accordance with Natural Law. Harm no one ~ do everything.

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