Fee Schedule

1. 1000BTC (ONE THOUSAND BITCOINS) per unverified claim in writing, nunc pro tunc.
2. 1000BTC (ONE THOUSAND BITCOINS) per letter/notice sent by mail/recorded mail, nunc pro tunc.
3. 1000BTC (ONE THOUSAND BITCOINS) per hour or portion thereof, of the Authorised Representative’s time, nunc pro tunc.
4. 1000BTC (ONE THOUSAND BITCOINS) per attempt to contact by telephone and/or mobile phone and/or email, without my preview consent.
5. 1000BTC (ONE THOUSAND BITCOINS) Unlawful arrest or detention for a calendar day or part thereof.
6. 5000BTC (FIVE THOUSAND BITCOINS) per trespass and/or violation of Notice of Trespass.
7. 5000BTC (FIVE THOUSAND BITCOINS) per unauthorised ™ and/or © infringement.
8. 5000BTC (FIVE THOUSAND BITCOINS) Unlawful claim of ownership of the goods or private property of the Proponent that includes but is not limited to sale or auction
9. 10000BTC (TEN THOUSAND BITCOINS) per act of liable and/or defamation and/or extortion.
10. 10000BTC (TEN THOUSAND BITCOINS) Illegal physical or non-physical threat, including but not limited to a threat of persecution, arrest, bodily injury, or legal action
11. 100000BTC (ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND BITCOINS) per action in denial of due process in law and/or denial of a jury.
12. 100000BTC (ONE HUNDRED THOUSAND BITCOINS) per violation of my physical body, any forced (without my consent) medical treatment, in any form.
13. 100BTC (one hundred bitcoins) per hour of wearing if you force me to wear a mask over my mouth and nose.

All fees are to be settled in full within twenty-one (21) days of the date an invoice is received, as evidenced by the recorded delivery of the invoice.