OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWho Am I ? I’m just a free person on the Planet Earth, that is trying to have a simple life in this complicated world. Ok some words about me.
My name is Ciprian Ghita and I was born in Romania few decades ago. After finishing the University I start working in different fields accumulating a lot of experience. But also I enjoyed traveling and hiking on the mountains. I had a lot of adventures in the Romanian mountains that make me strong and giving me more self steam and confidence in my own capabilities.

In 2004 I decided to leave my country Romania, for searching a better life and a place that bring me more peace. I wasn’t looking for more money or better job. With my studies and previous experience I could find any good paid job, but my goal was to find a quiet and stable place where I can live and work for pleasure and a normal standard of living. So I came into Spain, in a hot summer, establishing a starting point in Barcelona. Nice city, with nice people, nice beach and also with some mountains near by.

But after 8 years of living in Barcelona, I realized that the big city is not the place that I was looking for. Too many people, too much noise and the weather was terrible for me (humidity, dust from beach sand). Barcelona is a place where to go in holiday but not for living. Every year become more expensive and suffocating me. So I was start looking for another place to live quietly.

In the summer of 2012 I went with my daughter Maria Dana, in a holiday trip to National Park Ordesa, in the middle of Pyrenees Mountains of Aragon. I found out that this place could be my final destination to live in peace. So I decided to move out from the big city Barcelona into a small village surrounded by mountains and from Oct 2012 I’m living here near Ordesa National Park. I start also to grow my own vegetables in a small garden in front of my house. The simple life in a small mountain village. Me and my daughter we are going a lot to hike on the surrounding beautiful mountains.

From here, I`m working only remote with my clients in Barcelona and worldwide, through internet. But also I start collaborating with local clients and not only in IT. My previous experience in many fields can offer me more open doors.

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