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About Me

About Me

Who Am I ? I’m just a free human on the Planet Earth, that is trying to have a simple life in this complicated world. Ok, some words about me.

My name is Cipix Freeman and I was born in Romania few decades ago. After finishing the University I start working in different fields accumulating a lot of experience. But also I enjoyed traveling and hiking on the mountains. I had a lot of adventures in the Romanian mountains that make me strong and giving me more self steam and confidence in my own capabilities.

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What I Did

I am specialized in IT Systems Consulting and Financial System Applications. In the past I collaborated with many companies in Romania and Spain. Mostly freelancing because I want to work for myself.

In the last years I was also Bitcoin Consultant.

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What I Did

Wandering Republic MENDA LERENDA

The R.E.M.L. of Cipix Freeman


Adhering to the Intellectual Property Rights and Individual Freedom contemplated by the Law, I hereby proclaim myself INDEPENDENT and establish the WANDERING REPUBLIC MENDA LERENDA of Cipix Freeman, accepting as National territory the surface on which I have contact and my inviolable borders are those of my physical contour, being the psychics of greater scope and supply, not recognizing other authorities or foreign laws other than those based on honesty, common sense and constructive collaboration.

Public Notice
Cipix: Freeman​©


Claim of Rights
Cipix: Freeman©


Constitution of REML
Cipix: Freeman©


Living In The Private

Educate Yourself, Ask Questions, Verify Everything. The Truth is about to be revealed. Are you prepared?

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My Ultimate Project

My last planned experience on this Planet Earth is to be a sovereign freeman and build my own self sufficient place, with a small house and garden, in the middle of the mountains. far from civilization.

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My Ultimate Project

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Address: Pyrenees Mountains, Aragon, Spain

Somewhere near to Ordesa National Park

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