Welcome to my website !

Yes this is not just my personal website, I consider it like my own facebook. Why ?! Because I hate the evil facebook with their spying tricks and selling the information to other 3rd parties. I’M NOT FOR SALE !

Here you can find all about me and will be the only one true source.

This website also can be browsed on www.cipix.bit Yes… a .bit domain. These .bit domains are totally free and based on NMC (NameCoin). You will never depend on other 3rd parties to register your own free domain.


¨When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty

Thomas Jefferson

Democracy doesn’t puts power in the hands of the masses. Democracy puts power in the hands of men who have enough resources to convince more stupid people that they are right

A healthy and educated people is more difficult to drive and handle ! The governments don’t want to protect you, wants to CONTROL you ! You don’t believe that ? Maybe you are already controlled. If you want to know more read the info and watch the videos that I posted on MY BLOG.

And think again… Who controls CO2 (tax, policy etc bullshit) controls LIFE…

Ice cap 2013